When I was at Baltimore I dreaded the end of fall because I know winter will soon come. I’m not really a fan of snow.


Not until…


I fully appreciated the beauty of it.


Now, when snow is sticking to the soles of my shoes or the wind chill is too much that it gives me goosebumps I just hold to the thought that winter has its own charm.

In Memory of Jan

Four years ago I was a judgmental whinny girl who gets irritated from the slightest possible hurtful words that can get to my oversensitive ego. I hated people based on my untoward experience of that person.

Jan was one of those people I hated. As the saying goes, what you resist persist. I always got assigned to the same room where she worked. And when we are not working at the same room, whenever I went to lunch she was always at the break room. It took a lot of courage, empathy and a lot of lunch breaks together before I saw through her eyes how life should be.

Life is loving and living like every second counts.


The last time I saw Jan was in July, 2007.

She gave me a gift that I won’t easily forget.

And that was the gift of friendship.

I was not able to say goodbye…

Jan, wherever you are. Thank you so much.

You will  always be remembered forever.

Parade of Gold


Beijing Olympics will always be special to me because it was at the same month I got my first travel nursing assignment at Towson, Maryland.  Coincidently, it was the same place where Michael Phelps grew up.  I have been amazed of his performance and world records.  His determination, focus and love for his chosen sport made him the man who made history by getting eight gold medals in a single olympic.

Two weeks ago, on my way to work I was seeing flags and banners at York Road.  At first I cannot believe it  because they were having a homecoming parade for Michael Phelps, Katie Hoff, Jessica Long and other Maryland Olympians, Special Olympians and Paralympians at the same street where I’m working . How cool is that!  All along I thought they were having it at Downtown Baltimore.

The parade was at October 4, 3 PM, Saturday.  I double checked my calendar. I’m a bit hesitant to attend.  I’m working like crazy for this first assignment. I only have a few days off. Shoot. I got disappointed when I saw I’m working that day and it will be my fifth night in a row (take note I’m working 12 hour shifts). I did not decide right away if I’m going or not. I only decided the day of the parade.  I simply cannot miss it. When I got off from work from my fourth night, I got home, had a quick breakfast, showered and slept.  No surfing the net and no television.  Big sacrifice!  I was able to sleep for 5 hours from 9 AM to 2 PM.  It was only a 20 minute drive from where I’m staying to the parade route. Luckily, we got free parking from the facility where I’m working.

I have never seen a parade in the US.  It was so great. There were marching bands from different high schools in the area, Ravens cheerleaders and mascot, Oriole mascot, antique cars, members of the North Baltimore Aquatic Club and even Batman and Robin in their Bat Mobile. The overwhelming support of the people was overflowing. There were all kinds of people… families with their children, both young and old cheered with glee as he waved to the crowd.

I may not be at Beijing when Michael Phelps broke his world records but I was part of the estimated 20,000 to 30,000 people who welcomed him home.

Here is the story from ESPN.

Please check out photos at my multiply album.

Don’t miss the videos. Enjoy!

Parade of Gold Part 1 from Joanne on Vimeo.
Parade of Gold Part 2 from Joanne on Vimeo.

Today, I’m free.

I achieved my recent financial goal.

When it comes to money, freedom starts to happen when what you do, think, and say are one. You’ll never be free if you say that you have more than enough, then act as if and think you don’t. You’ll never be free if you think you don’t have enough, then act as if and say you do. You will have enough when you believe you will and take the actions to express that belief. And you’ll have more than enough when you realize that you can be rich at any income because you are more than your money, you are more than your job or title, than the car you drive or the clothing you wear. Your own power and worth are not judged by what money can sell and what money can buy; true freedom cannot be bought or sold at any price. True freedom, true wealth, is that which can never be lost.

                                 — Excerpted from The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom

                                       by Suze Orman


Today’s date is all lucky numbers. 2007 is a very significant year for me. I turned 28 and I joined the bandwagon of happily married people. That is just the start and it doesn’t end there. My plans? A lot. I will completely CHANGE myself for the best. How? I won’t tell until its done. This blog’s title serves as a reminder that I will only write all happy and positive things in life. Well, before I described myself as a pessimist but I’m making a significant shift to be an optimist. Crossing fingers was a habit now it’s all going to be thinking the great possibilities and making them happen. Come and join me as I journey the road to greatness and unveil the best version of myself. Can you feel the excitement?!? I DO. 

Reminiscing New York

I had a three day off from work. It was an opportunity to visit my family in Staten Island, NY before I leave for Manila. I just want to reminisce the first time I saw New York and that was three years ago…

Now I know why they love New York.

Good-Bye Baltimore

Baltimore, hometown of the Orioles, Ravens and Edgar Allan Poe is my home for the past three years.

It’s a pleasure to be in a place with so much cultural diversity. It  has its own beauty but a tough place to live in. It can teach you the virtue of patience and strength.

I learned to be independent, to take full responsibility for myself and to constantly find greatness in people.

I’m saying good-bye to a place who taught me so much. It made me realize a part of myself is existent. I found it here. I will never be the same again.

I’ll be moving soon to a place that will always be home.

I’m glad. I’m excited. I’m happy.

Because it’s time for me to find my own greatness.